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Discrimination in UK Housing: Tenant Rights

By Rent Guarantor on 08/09/2020

Being discriminated against by your Landlord/Estate Agent is never a situation any tenant wants to find themselves in. However, it is important to be brushed up on the lingo and legislation involved when it comes to discrimination and be able to make an informed decision as to whether you have a legitimate case.


Renting to Tenants with Criminal Records

By Rent Guarantor on 03/09/2020

As a Landlord or Estate Agent when you ask tenants to complete an application form there is usually a question regarding whether they have a criminal record of any kind.


Section 8: What does it mean for Guarantors?

By Rent Guarantor on 25/08/2020

It’s easy to feel confused when it comes to the different legislations surrounding property and tenancies. Especially when you are acting as a Guarantor and suddenly a Section 8 notice is being issued to the tenant you are guaranteeing it can be a scary panic-stricken time.


Landmark Oxford Airbnb Ruling Could Mean Tighter Short-Let Controls

By Rent Guarantor on 01/09/2020

Oxford City Council's bid to halt the use of a residential property in the city as a short-term let has been successful after a year-long battle. The home on William Street was previously used as a short-term let, however, following complaints from a neighbour, the council issued a planning enforcement notice to allow the owner to continue letting it out over short periods.


Questions to Ask When Viewing A Property

By Rent Guarantor on 19/08/2020

Going to view a property is always an exciting time for any prospective Tenant. It can be tempting to view the property with rose tinted glasses and not appear difficult to the Estate Agent or Landlord. However, you should never be afraid to ask any questions. Even if you believe the questions you wish to ask would only be relevant in a worst-case scenario situation it is definitely worth having the information moving forward. The devil is in the details after all!