homeless hands

UK Government Announces £15mn Extra Funding for Vulnerable Homeless

Homelessness in the UK is something that doesn't often make headline news. That's despite an increase in the number of households who have become homeless during the pandemic. Following recent figures showing an increase in the number of homeless households in the UK in the three months to the end of June, the Government has announced £15 million of new funding to support homelessness through the Protect Programme. 

Rent Guarantor Dec 10, 2020
countryside properties

Rural Rents Rise as City Locations Lose Out

As the end of a difficult year comes into sight, recent research delivers an unusual result in the UK's rental market; average rents in countryside locations rose in October, while city properties proved less popular with tenants and rents fell. This dynamic, which is a reversal from the same time a year earlier, means the difference in average rents between the two locations has narrowed.

Rent Guarantor Dec 02, 2020
house laptop

New Landlord, Letting Agent Focused Proptech Comes Online

While the coronavirus pandemic has proved challenging in a variety of areas, the development and use of technology has been among the beneficiaries of this difficult time. After rising in the past couple of years, the rate at which new property technology, or proptech, with new services and apps to support letting agents, property investors and landlords has come online has accelerated.

Rent Guarantor Nov 25, 2020
Child and Dogs

Demand and Supply Grows for Pet-Friendly Rental Homes

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect our lives, one of the things that has emerged from it in the UK is a renewed love for pets. Some landlords have noted an increase in enquiries from potential tenants with pets and two Build-to-Rent (BTR) firms are among those welcoming them with pet stations and suitable, usable outdoor space. 

Rent Guarantor Nov 03, 2020