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Fewer Rental Properties Push Rents Higher

By Rent Guarantor on 13/01/2020

Average UK rents rose in 2019, as a lack of available properties to satisfy tenant demand pushed them higher. Ongoing Brexit and political uncertainty combined with changing regulations worked to weigh on investor demand for property. However, while tenants will likely face higher rents for some months, research suggests there are signs that Buy-To-Let (BTL) investors are now showing interest in investing anew in the sector.


UK's Property Ombudsman Expels Three Letting Agencies

By Rent Guarantor on 10/01/2020

Three letting agencies operating in the UK have been expelled by The Property Ombudsman (TPO) after failing to comply with instructions from the TPO to honour payments, following tenant and landlord complaints. UK letting agents have come under much tougher scrutiny in 2019 and while the vast majority of them work hard to provide a great service for tenants and landlords in the UK, as with all industries there remains a small minority who fail to follow the rules or official advice and instructions.


Short-term let market remains popular in London

By Rent Guarantor on 06/01/2020

With short-term let’s still a popular option with property investors and landlords, particularly in London, it appears that the market is opening up more completely to include business travellers, rather than just recreational visitors. Building on success across Europe and the US a new firm is targeting London as one of the next cities in which it will provide property as a service for those travelling abroad for work for extended periods.


Oxford is the best city for BTL investors

By Rent Guarantor on 08/01/2020

If you’re among the Buy-to-Let investors who are seeking to grow their portfolio of UK rental properties, you might be interested to know that new research suggests Oxford could be the best location for your plans. When comparing the rental market across the UK’s various cities, a combination of key performance indicators point to the southern city as delivering the best yield and longer-term returns for Private Rental Sector (PRS) investors.


Build-to-Rent popularity continues to grow

By Rent Guarantor on 03/01/2020

The UK’s Build-to-Rent (BTR) sector has gone from strength-to-strength in recent years. After gaining some £2 billion of investment to the UK in the first nine months of 2019 alone, to bring the five-year total invested in it to £10.6 billion, it appears that even more investors are keen to get in on the action.