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Property Ombudsman Warns Landlords Not to Discriminate Against DSS Tenants

By Rent Guarantor on 18/03/2020

The Property Ombudsman (TPO) is warning landlords and letting agents that they should not discriminate against tenants through a no DSS policy or anything similar to that. The reminder follows two legal cases were the tenants won and settled out of court along with much press coverage over the past 18 months or so.


Over 1 million tenants rely on overdrafts to pay rent

By Rent Guarantor on 17/03/2020

Around 13% of tenants in the UK, which is equivalent to around 1.2 million people, use their banking overdraft facilities to pay their rent each month. While the way individuals make use of their overdrafts is personal and specific to them, with new rules about overdraft charging being put in place, this could end up being an expensive way for tenants to pay their rent.


Where are the next BTL investor hotspots?

By Rent Guarantor on 11/03/2020

As a property investor and Buy-to-Let (BTL) landlord, its often difficult to know where the next potential hotspot for your next investment is. Luckily, there's some new research identifying areas where investors are likely to make their next purchase and it looks as though the midlands and north of England are looking pretty popular. Meanwhile, investments are still likely in London and the south, but at a slower rate than the more affordable northern regions.


Some Students Urged to Take Full Advantage of the Homes Act as it Comes into Full Force

By Rent Guarantor on 16/03/2020

On March 20 2020, the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 comes into force across all secured and assured shorthold tenancies in the UK. Following this update, an online student magazine is encouraging its readers to go 'lawsuit crazy' and sue their landlords if the home they rent isn't kept to a good standard.


Rental deposit rise dwarfed by other costs

By Rent Guarantor on 09/03/2020

While its common to read and hear about how expensive renting is in the UK and that its set to get more expensive in the future, it's less usual to hear that rental costs rises aren't as high as they could be. However, recent research has highlighted that even though rental costs have risen, the increase in rental deposits is much lower than price rises of other costs faced by many Britons.