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London Rents Decline by up to 15% as Demand Drops

By Rent Guarantor on 08/06/2020

With students encouraged to stay at home and many workers in the city being furloughed or working fewer hours, demand for rental homes in the English capital has dropped off, which has in turn, weighed on rent levels. Amid the ongoing uncertainty wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, reports suggest the average London rent has declined by between 10-15% and that's despite an increase in demand as lockdown measures are eased.


Downsizing - Pros & Cons

By Rent Guarantor on 04/06/2020

In property, we often think bigger is better. Have you ever thought smaller might have its advantages? Welcome downsizing - this is the process of moving to a smaller property from your larger one. This is a decision made by those eager for a change, are struggling financially with related property costs, struggling with the upkeep, or empty nesters. It may even be time to move closer to friends and relatives and downsizing might be the only option. Let’s look into the pros and cons.


How to Write a Tenant Guest Policy

By Rent Guarantor on 28/05/2020

Last week we covered what to do if a Landlord thinks that their tenant has a guest that has long out stayed their welcome in one of their properties. This week, we want to focus on what they can do to put themselves in the best possible position to avoid the situation altogether.


Government Should Not Make it More Difficult To Evict Tenants

By Rent Guarantor on 02/06/2020

With many of the UK's private residential sector landlords (PRS) working with their tenants to get through the current tough period, a leading industry body has highlighted the need for the Government to be equally supportive of those landlords - by not making it harder to evict tenants when such a move is necessary.


Pet Friendly Rental Properties in Demand Amid Rising Lettings Market Activity

By Rent Guarantor on 26/05/2020

As rental property inquiries begin to rise, there has been an increase in interest of pet friendly rental homes in the UK, as more Britons have bought themselves a pet during the coronavirus pandemic, or are planning to. That means even though renting pet friendly properties can result in more wear-and-tear, it could still prove profitable for more landlords to have a pet friendly policy, as it could mean their investment popular with more potential tenants.