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UK Rents to Slip This Year and Next

New research suggests that despite an increase in activity following the spring lockdown, the UK’s rental market hasn't recovered as well as the sales market. As such, expectations are that average rents will decline by 1% in both 2020 and 2021. However, while that might be a disappointing outlook for some, separate data shows that many first-time buyers (FTBs) are now planning to remain in rental accommodation for longer amid coronavirus-related uncertainty, which is a positive for the lettings industry.

Rent Guarantor Oct 06, 2020
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How To: Get Your Offer Accepted on a Rental Property

There’s nothing worse than finding your dream property and realising you’re up against a number of other potential tenants. Although it is always up to the Landlord as to who they choose to rent their property there is no harm in putting yourself in the prime position to be chosen. Here are few tips on how to get your offer accepted on a rental property.

Rent Guarantor Oct 01, 2020
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London Mayor Calls for Rent Freeze in the Capital

As the country-wide eviction ban is now at an end and the UK's letting market continues getting 'back to normal', London's mayor Sadiq Khan is calling for a rent freeze to support tenants who continue to struggle amid the coronavirus pandemic. Residential rent levels in the capital have proved a popular topic for the mayor during his tenure, including his interest in rent controls across the city. However, while the idea of a rent freeze might appeal to some tenants, it could work to discourage Buy-to-Let (BTL) landlords and property investors from expanding their portfolios or even  retaining their existing properties in the capital. 

Rent Guarantor Sep 29, 2020
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3 Ways to be a Brilliant Landlord 

Being a Landlord is a brilliant career move. Being your own boss and earning a reasonable income for it is usually the dream for most people. However, if you’re wanting to push yourself to the next level here are a few tips to be a brilliant Landlord.

Rent Guarantor Sep 24, 2020
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Landlords: What Are My Rights If My Tenant Ignores Me?

Being a Landlord can be complicated when your tenants do not cooperate. Communication is key in a professional relationship and should never be underestimated as it will prove extremely helpful if things turn sour. However, what happens when a tenant chooses to cut all ties and ignore a Landlord. What are a Landlord's rights if a tenant ignores them?

Rent Guarantor Sep 17, 2020