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RentGuarantor.com Mission

To become a household name within the property industry throughout the UK.
As a Rent Guarantor business, we specialise in giving landlords comfort that should they face a default scenario that they will not be out of pocket.

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RentGuarantor.com is part of the Ezylet PLC group of companies. The Ezylet.com web portal does not charge customers to search for property throughout the UK. Customers can also register and save their frequent searches and bookmark their favourite properties from the site with ease and for FREE.

Rent Guarantor Service

Our Rent Guarantor Service has been developed with both the Tenant & Landlord in mind to ensure that having us as the Tenant’s Guarantor is simple and straight forward while at the same time giving the Landlord peace of mind
We cover all types of tenants – UK and International Tenants, Students and those working.

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