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Accord and Vida cut BTL mortgage rates

By Rent Guarantor on 02/12/2019

Lenders Accord and Vida have both altered the criteria of some of their Buy-to-Let (BTL) mortgage ranges while also making some reductions to their mortgage interest rates. These changes and reductions are likely in order to help stimulate demand among BTL investors at a time when investment in the PRS isn't growing as fast as it has, or even as it could, considering the still high level of demand among tenants.


A lifetime of renting likely for more Britons

By Rent Guarantor on 27/11/2019

In years gone by, home ownership was an achievable goal for many hardworking Britons. More recently, that has changed and even those who earn a good wage can struggle to buy a property in their preferred area – or indeed any area at all. With this new reality comes the fact that for some people, they will always be a tenant, throughout their working life and also as a retiree.


Number of international landlords in the UK's PRS rises

By Rent Guarantor on 22/11/2019

With rental property in the UK in such high demand, it’s interesting to know that the proportion of international landlords who own buy-to-let properties in the UK has risen in the first ten months of 2019. That’s the first time this has happened since 2010 and suggests overseas property investors are taking advantage of a weaker British pound.


Right now, could be the perfect time for landlords to grow their portfolios

By Rent Guarantor on 25/11/2019

The latest housing market survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) shows that house prices are flat to falling as demand from home-buyers is weak, while new instruction levels are also low. At the same time, the survey also shows that demand for rental homes is continuing to rise, however, new supply of them coming to the market remains tight.


Calls for the removal of the 3% landlord stamp duty tax

By Rent Guarantor on 20/11/2019

As the 2019 General Election draws closer, different bodies are putting forward their views for the next Government to consider. Among them are calls from one group for the removal of the 3% landlord stamp duty tax, chargeable when someone buys more than one property.