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Government rules and Brexit Uncertainty behind slowdown in growth of UK's PRS - report

By Rent Guarantor on 25/09/2019

Expansion of the UK’s private rental sector has slowed in recent years and a new report places the reason for that firmly at the feet of the Government. From a range of new rules and tax changes to Brexit uncertainty, UK Government action has weakened confidence among buy-to-let investors and encouraged much more caution with regards to investing in the sector.


Which Property Tech Options Can Help Protect BTL Landlords' Investments

By Rent Guarantor on 20/09/2019

As a Buy-to-Let (BTL) investor and landlord, one of the well-known roles of your investment is to provide residential housing for tenants across the UK. However, another important element of your investment in rental property is to generate a financial return for yourself.


A Quarter of Landlords Plan to Sell at Least One Property in the Next Year

By Rent Guarantor on 16/09/2019

A new report suggests that over a quarter of UK Buy-to-Let (BTL) landlords are planning to sell one or more of their properties in the next 12 months. That’s up from the previous study and almost three times higher than the proportion of landlords considering selling up in 2015.


Rental demand in UK cities from older tenants set to rise

By Rent Guarantor on 18/09/2019

It’s no secret that the number of tenants in the UK’s private rental sector have been growing for the past few years. However, what might be less obvious is that when we talk about tenants, we’re not just talking about one demographic and recent research has pointed this out by finding that there is set to be a rise in the number of older tenants seeking a rental home in UK and European cities over the next few years.


Why it’s important to give your new student housemates a chance

By Rent Guarantor on 13/09/2019

You've moved into student accommodation and the first few days, or even couple of weeks, have been great. But now things are settling down and the work is beginning, you find that some of your new housemates aren't what you thought or were expecting.