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Renting a House Share as a Non-Student - Things to Consider

By Rent Guarantor on 16/04/2020

Finishing University and don’t want to move back in with your parents? Never left and just want to move out into your own space? A house share is the perfect, most affordable option for a independent home whilst you find your feet and get your finances in order. However, it can also come with a few problems if you don’t do you research beforehand. 


The Importance of Close Management of Rent Payment Holidays

By Rent Guarantor on 14/04/2020

While it’s great that the UK Government is proving to be supportive and encouraging towards financial forbearance during the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s essential that landlords and letting agents manage the situation carefully to avoid difficulties in the future. 

Where rent payment holidays are agreed or other informal changes between landlords and tenants arise, a system must be put in place to help closely monitor, manage and record exactly what should be happening right now. It’s also important to have an eye to the future and have clarity on when and how any payment holidays or temporary rent reductions are repaid.


Students Leaving Properties Early – Your Responsibilities 

By Rent Guarantor on 02/04/2020

 1. Rent

The MOST important thing you need to think about before leaving the property - Has all your rent been paid?


Relocating – What to Consider?

By Rent Guarantor on 08/04/2020

Relocating to a new area is one of the biggest decisions a person can make. Whether you are a student about to leave for University, a couple moving for future job prospects or a family wanting a change and better quality of life. There is no one reason to make such a big change.


Government Issues New Guidance for Landlords During Lockdown

By Rent Guarantor on 02/04/2020

As the country settles in to lockdown and the idea that returning to 'normality' is months away, the Government has issued updated guidance for landlords and tenants. They include clarification on paying rent, confirmation that eviction notices shouldn't be pursued unless it’s absolutely essential and that urgent repairs and maintenance should still be carried out.