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Highest Number of Tenancy Renewals in March Since 2008

By Rent Guarantor on 04/05/2020

The latest research shows that tenancy renewals for the month of March were the highest in over 10 years, as tenants opted to stay put during the coronavirus lockdown. In addition, there were more rental properties available in March than February, leading some experts to believe that despite signs rental demand will increase post-lockdown, rents could decline by more than 2% due to the number of job losses and wage cuts tenants across the UK will likely face.


Ways to Pay - Alternatives to Paying Your Rent by Cash or Bank Transfer

By Rent Guarantor on 29/04/2020

Banking has seen some revolutionary changes in the last few years - mobile banking has become second nature and we have seen a move away from traditional banks to ones operating almost entirely online. Now is the perfect time for landlords to revamp their rent collection and collect rent quickly and easily at the touch of a button. 

This week, we are going to take a look at alternative rent payment options landlords and tenants can use. 


Do Landlords Need to be better Educated on the Benefit System?

By Rent Guarantor on 21/04/2020

In light of the ongoing situation with Covid-19, and an increase of furloughed workers, it has become pretty evident that some Landlords/Estate Agents are not as clued up on the system as they would have us believe. However, with them now having to face the chance that their tenants may not be able to pay rent, it is a better time than ever to separate the facts from the fiction.


UK Lettings Market Could "Explode" in the Second Half of 2020

By Rent Guarantor on 27/04/2020


A recent report suggests that rather than slowing down in the second half of the year, which is typical for the UK's lettings market, it's possible it could gain pace and 'explode quite quickly' once there's more certainty and lock down measures are eased and eventually removed.


Rents Seen Stagnating - But Not Falling - For The Next Year

By Rent Guarantor on 20/04/2020

Average rents across the UK are expected to hold steady around current levels over the next 12 months, as uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus and the Government's exit strategy from current emergency lockdown measures weigh on demand for new rental contracts. That's a different view from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors' (RICS) latest housing market survey, which in previous months and throughout much of 2019, reported expectations for further, notable rent rises.