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Over half a million families in England live in overcrowded conditions

By Rent Guarantor on 07/10/2019

A recent report has highlighted the UK’s still ongoing housing crisis as it shows that over 600,000 families in England are living in overcrowded conditions. A severe shortage of housing, particularly social housing, means that there are 96,000 more children who are living in an overcrowded home today, than there were a decade ago.


First UK landlord banned from the PRS after investigation

By Rent Guarantor on 04/10/2019

A Private Rental Sector landlord has been banned from the sector and ordered to pay back housing benefit paid to him by Telford and Wrekin council, after he was found not fit and proper to receive an HMO (house of multiple occupation) license. This is the first time a landlord has been banned from the PRS sector since new rules were introduced and is a landmark case.


Birmingham City Council pays landlords over £1,200 rent arrears

By Rent Guarantor on 30/09/2019

Birmingham City Council has been ordered to pay a landlord over £1,200 in rent arrears after it agreed to pay rent directly to a benefit claimant with a history of arrears, who then left the property with the money, without paying the landlord. Initially, the council apologised for the error but refused to pay the landlord. However, a court has ruled it has made a mistake and must atone for that by paying the landlord the arrears in full.


London rents seen rising further, despite already being out of reach for many

By Rent Guarantor on 02/10/2019

Two separate reports highlight that while London's property market is still subdued at best, the rental market remains healthy and rents area rising. However, even though rents are rising after being 'too low for too long' according to one report, another confirms what many of us already know; London rents remain unaffordable for over half of the population and will cost over half of a tenant's monthly earnings to afford.


ARLA advises tenants to walk out of letting agencies they suspect are breaking the law

By Rent Guarantor on 27/09/2019

London Trading Standards recently reported it has issued over £1 million in fines to letting agents in the city, for breaking the law on lettings regulations. Soon after that report highlighting wrongdoing by some London lettings agents, the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA Propertymark) advised tenants that if they suspect a letting agency of breaking the law, they should walk straight out.