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AirBnB Pledges to Audit Landlords and Remove Some Professionals

By Rent Guarantor on 17/08/2020

Amid news that some landlords who are in the long-term let market continue to switch over to seemingly more lucrative short-term lets, the global head of AirBnB has shared his intention to thoroughly audit the landlords who use his site. In a recent interview, the rental platform co-founder said he recognises the potential damage it can cause to the UK's long-term rental market when professional landlords utilise the site to switch from one area to the other.


How To: Deal with Multiple Applications for your Property

By Rent Guarantor on 12/08/2020

So you have multiple applicants for your property, great! On the surface this seems positive but you need to be aware that this can bring issues when choosing one of these applicants. The Equality Act 2010 can take a landlord to court for discrimination. A landlord must be wary of this and prtootect themselves from any sort of discrimination. To avoid this:


Students Moving on from 1st Year Accommodation: Things to Think About

By Rent Guarantor on 05/08/2020

You have finished your first year of University and now need to work out what your next steps are. Have you made friends you now want to live with? Would you rather live on your own? Will you be staying within student accommodation or deciding to rent privately? There are all questions you need to ask yourself when making such an important decision. Not just this but there are the more practical things that you will need to think about such as:


UK Staycation Demand Encourages Switch from Long-Term to Short-Term Lets

By Rent Guarantor on 10/08/2020

As more Britons opt for a staycation over a holiday abroad, evidence suggests that some private rental sector (PRS) buy-to-let (BTL) landlords are choosing to switch their investment properties from the long-term rental market, to the short-term, holiday lets market. This reverses a trend seen earlier in the coronavirus pandemic and is more in line with the broader trend of the UK's letting market pre-Covid-19.


Lettings market demand rises as lockdown measures ease

By Rent Guarantor on 03/08/2020

As the economy continues to feel the pain from coronavirus related uncertainty, the latest report from the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) suggests demand for rental properties in the UK has picked up close to pre-pandemic levels. With property moves once again permitted - provided social distancing rules are observed - pent-up demand for new rental properties is being exercised.