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Calls for the removal of the 3% landlord stamp duty tax

By Rent Guarantor on 20/11/2019

As the 2019 General Election draws closer, different bodies are putting forward their views for the next Government to consider. Among them are calls from one group for the removal of the 3% landlord stamp duty tax, chargeable when someone buys more than one property.


The UK's poorest hit hardest by higher rents

By Rent Guarantor on 18/11/2019

A new study suggests that inequality across the UK is rising, thanks to higher rents and lower mortgage interest rates. The Resolution Foundation said that higher rents have hit the poorest Britons hardest, as this group is more likely to live in rental accommodation.


New legislation brings financial benefits to UK tenants

By Rent Guarantor on 12/11/2019

While new legislation in the Buy-To-Let (BTL) Private Rental Sector (PRS) has added to the workload of landlords and letting agents, it has had the effect of being financially beneficial to tenants across the UK. Following the introduction of the Tenant Fees Act 2019, many tenants are receiving a partial refund on their deposit when they agree a new rental contract for the same property.


BTL landlords in East Midlands most optimistic

By Rent Guarantor on 14/11/2019

Buy-to-Let (BTL) landlords operating and renting out properties in the Private Rental Sector (PRS) in the East Midlands are the most optimistic in the UK. A new survey shows that rental yields in the region were the joint highest, while expectations for future yields were also positive. This goes to show that although there is some concern among landlords about the heavy regulatory burden they now carry, a good income can still be achieved.


PRS discrimination against benefits recipients is easing

By Rent Guarantor on 08/11/2019

Following its recent campaign to end ‘No DSS’ discrimination in the lettings markets, charity Shelter said it has achieved some success. However, even though some online property portals have ensured the adverts don’t include overtly discriminatory words and a number of mortgage lenders have removed rules which discriminate against benefit recipients as tenants, the housing advice charity said it has more work to do to completely eradicate this discrimination from the UK’s rental market.