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Why it’s important to give your new student housemates a chance

By Rent Guarantor on 13/09/2019

You've moved into student accommodation and the first few days, or even couple of weeks, have been great. But now things are settling down and the work is beginning, you find that some of your new housemates aren't what you thought or were expecting.


How to get the most out of freshers’ week

By Rent Guarantor on 12/09/2019

That’s it, the results are in, the summer’s almost over and you’re packing for University. Exciting, right? Well yes, but daunting too. Afterall, for many UK-based Uni students, you’re moving away from home for the first time, going to a University where no other friends from home are and it can feel a little overwhelming. But don’t worry because freshers’ week is coming up and it’s designed for first-year students, just like you.


How the PBSA sector benefits more than just students

By Rent Guarantor on 06/09/2019

The Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) industry is growing, which is great news for students up and down the UK. Indeed, research shows that for students choosing to live PBSA, they’re more likely to note a higher academic performance and personal well-being, when compared with other housing options.


Labour's Right to Buy proposals could devastate the PRS

By Rent Guarantor on 09/09/2019

Labour’s shadow chancellor has suggested that a Right-to-Buy scheme could be introduced into the private rental sector (PRS). While few details have been mentioned and its not clear if it’s an official policy from the opposition party, if such a scheme were to become part of the PRS, then there are fears it could have a detrimental effect on PRS landlords and the availability of rental homes across the UK.


What insurances do students need?

By Rent Guarantor on 04/09/2019

Moving to college or University often means moving away from home for the first time. Among the many details you need to consider are what insurances you need to help keep your belongings and yourself, safe. Contents insurance is one that springs to mind, while for others health insurance could also be something of interest.