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Would Manchester rent controls mean fewer rental homes in the city?

By Rent Guarantor on 21/10/2019

Following in-depth research into housing in Manchester and how affordable – or not - it is for the young people who live there, a new report has identified a number of ways to help young people afford to live in the city, with a form of rent control among the recommendations. However, following the publication of the report, some concerns have been raised that any form of rent control could hurt the supply of private rental sector properties.


Government updates its PRS enforcement guidance for local authorities

By Rent Guarantor on 17/10/2019

The Government's Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has updated its Private Rental Sector enforcement guidance for local authorities. The updated toolkit and knowledge bank are there to help local authority’s PRS enforcement team understand exactly what they should expect from landlords operating in their area, which rules they need to enforce and why they need to be enforced.


Landlords spend an average of £12,000 per property refurbishment

By Rent Guarantor on 11/10/2019

While much is often made of unscrupulous landlords in the UK’s still growing Private Rental Sector, research based on official data shows that thanks to investment from buy-to-let landlords, the standard of rental properties in the PRS has actually improved dramatically over the past ten years. Indeed, thanks to refurbishment by PRS landlords, which costs an average of £12,000 per property, the proportion of rental homes classed as non-decent has almost halved in a decade.


Average rent moves mixed, while void periods rise in much of the UK

By Rent Guarantor on 14/10/2019

Average rent changes were mixed across the UK in September, rising in some regions and falling in others. At the same time, the period for which properties were void, was less positive, rising in most areas in the UK. Despite those mixed moves, overall, it still appears that the UK’s rental market remains well supported with high levels of demand.


Why Bracknell could be the next property investment hotspot

By Rent Guarantor on 09/10/2019

With so much uncertainty remaining across the UK, it might be difficult to know where to go next with your property investment plans. However, even though Brexit and politics are far from certain right now, a new development in Bracknell suggests the town that is already very much part of the UK's tech corridor, still has some value for residential property and BTL investors.