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What insurances do students need?

By Rent Guarantor on 04/09/2019

Moving to college or University often means moving away from home for the first time. Among the many details you need to consider are what insurances you need to help keep your belongings and yourself, safe. Contents insurance is one that springs to mind, while for others health insurance could also be something of interest.


A guide for international students studying in the UK

By Rent Guarantor on 02/09/2019

If you’ve secured a place at a UK university as a student from overseas, then congratulations! The UK is well-known for its excellent education system and is home to may Universities that are considered among the best in the world. However, even though you’ve done the hard work of winning your place there’s still the small matter of getting ready for your term, year or entire course based in the UK.


University Halls of Residence Vs Shared Student Housing

By Rent Guarantor on 28/08/2019

The results are in, you’ve accepted an offer and you have a place at University secured. All that’s left – apart from the working hard for the next few years – is to find the right place to live. Of course, time to decide is short and you need to make a choice, with the two main options being: halls of residence or a shared student house.


How to get on top of your student finances from day 1

By Rent Guarantor on 30/08/2019

The months of waiting are over, you’ve got your results and now you know where you’re going to study for the next few years. Life is exciting right now and with gathering details on your new course, finding out where you’re going to live and trying to get in touch with new future flat- or house-mates, there’s a lot of fun stuff happening.


UK rents rise in July as tenant demand remains high

By Rent Guarantor on 26/08/2019

UK rents have risen yet again in July 2019, with a recent survey showing higher rents across the whole of the UK and in London, even as house prices in the English capital stagnate. The further increase in average UK rents comes as demand continues to outstrip supply, with landlords increasingly cautious over making new investment into the sector amid continued changes to the rules for landlords to help protect tenants.