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Property investors could be caught unawares by April CGT tax rule change

By Rent Guarantor on 05/03/2020

As the new tax year will soon be here, property investors have some tax rule changes to contend with. There are three that are set to come in and one of them in particular could catch out many property investors, particularly those who are selling up and exiting the industry.


UK's tax system encourages short-term lets over long-term

By Rent Guarantor on 04/03/2020

The current tax system is beginning to prove more supportive of investors of short-term lets rather than long-term lets, according to property body the Residential Landlords Association (RLA). Recent analysis by The Guardian also highlights that in some areas of England, some 25% of property listings are for short-term lets, suggesting even fewer homes could soon be available for long-term tenants.


Government BTL Policies Failing PRS

By Rent Guarantor on 25/02/2020

Recent data showing that rents in the UK's private rental sector (PRS) are set to continue rising, while repossession actions are taking on average over six months to complete are being considered as fresh signs that the measures taken by the Government to protect tenants and keep rental costs down, have failed. The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) said that news of further expected rent rises, coupled with additional details including the fact that few people are making use of the Rogue Landlords database, highlight that the Government has made numerous missteps in its attempts to improve the PRS.


Why two-bedroomed properties provide investors with the optimum rental yield

By Rent Guarantor on 03/03/2020

Recent research suggests that if you're a Buy-to-Let (BTL) property investor, then a good place to start your investment journey, is with two-bedroomed properties. Why? Because they provide the optimum rental yield versus investment. Of course, that's not true of every area across the UK, but on average, two-bedroomed properties can deliver the best rental yield for many landlords.


Fewer Active UK Landlords in 2019 as the Sector Professionalises

By Rent Guarantor on 24/02/2020

There were fewer active landlords in 2019, while rents rose across the year compared with 2018. However, while the smaller number of landlords operating in the UK highlights there has been a bit of an exodus in recent years, those who remained in the industry are more likely to own multiple properties. That suggests that those landlords who are still investing are expanding their portfolios as the sector shows signs of professionalising.