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Section 21 Court Ruling Resolves Contentious Eviction Detail

By Rent Guarantor on 29/06/2020

A court of appeal ruling in a Section 21 eviction case has finally resolved a contentious issue between landlords and tenants. The case revolves around a landlord’s ability to issue a Section 21 eviction notice where a gas safe certificate wasn't provided at the beginning of a tenancy.


Tenants and Landlords Feel the Strain of Eviction Rules

By Rent Guarantor on 22/06/2020

Following the UK government's decision to extend the no eviction ban by two months to the end of August 2020 to help tenants cope with a longer lockdown and slow recovery, it’s clear that both tenants and landlord are feeling the strain of the situation. Separate reports highlight that while searches for 'can my landlord evict me' have risen by over 50%, industry body the National Residential Landlords Agency (NRLA) is encouraging its members to write to the government to highlight the 'devastating consequences' some will will face as the result of the extended eviction ban. 


Downsizing - Pros & Cons

By Rent Guarantor on 04/06/2020

In property, we often think bigger is better. Have you ever thought smaller might have its advantages? Welcome downsizing - this is the process of moving to a smaller property from your larger one. This is a decision made by those eager for a change, are struggling financially with related property costs, struggling with the upkeep, or empty nesters. It may even be time to move closer to friends and relatives and downsizing might be the only option. Let’s look into the pros and cons.


London Rental Market Yields Fail to Make UK Top 20

By Rent Guarantor on 15/06/2020

London's rental market has long been popular with investors, however recent research shows that in the search for yield, the English capital isn't always the best option for investors. Indeed, no areas of London are in the top 20 regions that produce the strongest yields, a list which is dominated by northern postcodes.


Government Should Not Make it More Difficult To Evict Tenants

By Rent Guarantor on 02/06/2020

With many of the UK's private residential sector landlords (PRS) working with their tenants to get through the current tough period, a leading industry body has highlighted the need for the Government to be equally supportive of those landlords - by not making it harder to evict tenants when such a move is necessary.