Estate Agency haart Announces PropTech Agreement

Author: Rent Guarantor


The UK's largest independent estate agency, haart, has announced it has agreed a deal with property technology firm teclet. Software firm teclet's platform will be used in all of haart's letting agent offices, to automate the straightforward elements of their lettings process. This will then give their staff members more time to use their training, experience and skills in other areas of the business.

teclet is relatively new proptech platform but it’s one the founders believe will help make the lettings process simpler and more reliable for both agents and tenants. For haart, the deal will benefit its lettings staff by removing much of the time consuming and sometimes frustrating elements of the lettings process.

How the two businesses will work together

teclet describes itself as an ‘end-to-end letting solution’ that allows letting agents manage their tenants and properties all from one online place. In addition, the proptech platform helps ensure the lettings agencies who use it, operate in complete compliance with the rules and regulations that govern the lettings industry.

The agreement will see all of haart’s letting agencies adopt the new platform from teclet. With the residential lettings industry showing no signs of slowing any time soon, it seems haart is keen to remain an important competitor in the industry.

“The agreement and processing of renting a property can be frustrating and complex for all parties. Chasing signatures, performing checks, complying with legislation and taking payments securely are all burdens which grow exponentially the more people that are involved,” said haart’s operations director, Paul Sloane.

By using teclet, haart will also be able to support its tenants and landlords outside of normal office hours, more easily. That’s something that will likely appeal to landlords and tenants, alike.

“haart is the UK’s largest independent estate agency group with a great track record of innovation and we are delighted to be working,” said teclet’s commercial director, John Evans.

“With around a third of all customer interactions on the platform taking place outside of normal business hours, teclet is enabling lettings agents to become more productive and therefore save costs,” he added.

PropTech has a big part to play in UK’s PRS

The UK is a hotbed for new property technology startups and this latest deal between two property firms shows the letting industry is working hard to provide property investors and tenants with the services they want and need.

There are a number of new proptech options in the industry right now, including our very own Rent Guarantor service. By taking a business technology approach to the service, it’s even easier to ensure a potential tenant is reliable. And, if a situation does arise that makes it more difficult for your tenant to pay their rent, then our service means you’re not out of pocket.

If you want to provide your lettings clients with a service they can rely on, then you could do much worse than make use of the existing and up-and-coming proptech developments available in the UK right now.