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Students Moving on from 1st Year Accommodation: Things to Think About

By Rent Guarantor on 05/08/2020

You have finished your first year of University and now need to work out what your next steps are. Have you made friends you now want to live with? Would you rather live on your own? Will you be staying within student accommodation or deciding to rent privately? There are all questions you need to ask yourself when making such an important decision. Not just this but there are the more practical things that you will need to think about such as:


Guide for ‘Student House’ Renters

By Rent Guarantor on 29/07/2020

If you are a student ready to live off campus for the first time or a new student heading straight into the private renting sector here are some things to think about when taking on that extra responsibility.


Some Students Urged to Take Full Advantage of the Homes Act as it Comes into Full Force

By Rent Guarantor on 16/03/2020

On March 20 2020, the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 comes into force across all secured and assured shorthold tenancies in the UK. Following this update, an online student magazine is encouraging its readers to go 'lawsuit crazy' and sue their landlords if the home they rent isn't kept to a good standard.


Students Leaving Properties Early – Your Responsibilities 

By Rent Guarantor on 02/04/2020

 1. Rent

The MOST important thing you need to think about before leaving the property - Has all your rent been paid?


Why it’s important to give your new student housemates a chance

By Rent Guarantor on 13/09/2019

You've moved into student accommodation and the first few days, or even couple of weeks, have been great. But now things are settling down and the work is beginning, you find that some of your new housemates aren't what you thought or were expecting.