Why use RentGuarantor.com?
Read on to see the many benefits

Damages & eviction

Up to £10,000 of damage cover is included on all contracts from RentGuarantor.com. We even cover full management and legal costs of the court application and eviction process.

UK Guarantor

Our product is aimed at people who cannot provide a suitable UK guarantor to satisfy the needs of a tenancy.

Peace of mind

In the unlikely event that the Tenant is unable to pay, we will pay the rent that is owed once the Tenant is legally in arrears.

What’s the next steps?


Tenant Applies

Ask your prospective Tenant to apply & they will get an initial quote


Application Assessment

We’ll assess their application and provide them with provisional approval


Confirm with Landlord

We’ll contact you as their prospective Landlord to ensure you’re happy to accept us as their Guarantor


Tenant Pays

Once accepted by the Landlord we’ll ask the Tenant to pay the Rent Guarantor fee


Countersigned Contracts

The Landlord & Tenant will receive signed Guarantor Contracts from us

Guarantor In Place

Hand over the keys and help your Tenant settle into their new home!