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UK's Renters Gain an Appetite for More Space Post-Lockdown

By Rent Guarantor on 22/09/2020

As the UK's lettings market continues to bustle after lockdown, data shows that just over one third of tenants moving into a new home are choosing to upsize and leave cities behind. Willingness to spend more on rent for an extra bedroom and more space has risen. Tenants opt for houses over flats where possible.


Demand for Rental Sector Surges While Repossession Looms for Some Landlords

By Rent Guarantor on 10/09/2020

Recent rental data shows that demand for rental homes surged in July, rising to the highest levels on record, while the number of properties available to let also rose sharply. The figures show that the UK's lettings market remains broadly healthy despite the difficulties over the past six months during the coronavirus pandemic.


Lettings market demand rises as lockdown measures ease

By Rent Guarantor on 03/08/2020

As the economy continues to feel the pain from coronavirus related uncertainty, the latest report from the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) suggests demand for rental properties in the UK has picked up close to pre-pandemic levels. With property moves once again permitted - provided social distancing rules are observed - pent-up demand for new rental properties is being exercised.