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Government Issues New Guidance for Landlords During Lockdown

By Rent Guarantor on 02/04/2020

As the country settles in to lockdown and the idea that returning to 'normality' is months away, the Government has issued updated guidance for landlords and tenants. They include clarification on paying rent, confirmation that eviction notices shouldn't be pursued unless it’s absolutely essential and that urgent repairs and maintenance should still be carried out. 


Landlords shift from short-lets as Coronavirus takes hold

By Rent Guarantor on 30/03/2020

In a sudden shift from recent developments, there is evidence that landlords are shunning often more profitable short lets, in favour of longer-term tenancies. As the Coronavirus spread gathers pace and the Government announces wide-ranging measures of support across multiple industries, it appears the UK's residential lettings sector is also rallying around those in need, to do their part to ensure there are enough long-term rental homes available for those who need them.



Property Ombudsman Warns Landlords Not to Discriminate Against DSS Tenants

By Rent Guarantor on 18/03/2020

The Property Ombudsman (TPO) is warning landlords and letting agents that they should not discriminate against tenants through a no DSS policy or anything similar to that. The reminder follows two legal cases were the tenants won and settled out of court along with much press coverage over the past 18 months or so.


Council may offer certain, 'good' landlords property improvement loans

By Rent Guarantor on 25/03/2020

Portsmouth City Council is considering offering property improvement loans to landlords who behave fairly and opt into a licensing scheme. The council is considering a five-year plan where, if certain conditions for landlords are met, then improvement loans could be approved to those landlords to help modernise and upgrade rental stock across the city.


Where are the next BTL investor hotspots?

By Rent Guarantor on 11/03/2020

As a property investor and Buy-to-Let (BTL) landlord, its often difficult to know where the next potential hotspot for your next investment is. Luckily, there's some new research identifying areas where investors are likely to make their next purchase and it looks as though the midlands and north of England are looking pretty popular. Meanwhile, investments are still likely in London and the south, but at a slower rate than the more affordable northern regions.